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100kva heat treatment machine model: TDWK-D-100kva

100kva transformer-Heat Treatment EquipmentNONameModelNote1Transformer—Intelligent Heat-treatment machineTDWK-D-100kva  12 channels60V Output VoltageRemarks:100 kva rated power; it

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100kva transformer-Heat Treatment Equipment






TransformerIntelligent Heat-treatment machine

TDWK-D-100kva  12 channels

60V Output Voltage


100 kva rated power; it can take 36 pieces of 2.7 kw 60V heaters working at the same time at most;

There will be 12 temperature control channelsthe power of each channel is 8.1kvawhich can match 3 piece of 2.7kw 60V heaters at most.

 with 12 points paper chart recorder(Japanese CHINO EH3000 recorder)


1、With thermal trips per phase to prevent overload

2、Painted steel cabinet with swivel wheels and two lifting eye lugs

3、110 volt auxiliary plug can be added as request

4、Six/twelve neons and six/twelve on off switches

5、Instrument wiring tinned copper to prevent corrosion and down time

6、Emergency Stop Switch

7、 It can control over rates of heating and cooling as well as soak conditions, it has eight sections of setting at most, 0-1200℃ constant temperature;Each circuit may be controlled individually at a set point

8、Transformer design,Input voltage:415V/380V/440V/480V/575 3phase 50Hz/60Hz AC.  

9、The temperature control meter can also set the Fahrenheit degree. 


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 transformer heat treatment equipment 50KVA


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