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               Suzhou Guan Sheng Electric Appliances Co., Ltd. has been export-oriented and targeting on overseas market demand since its establishment in 2004.

GUANSHENG™ utilizes top grade and export-oriented material in manufacturing heat treatment equipment, heating element and accessaries. Due to 

long service to oversea projects operated by a team of experts and engineers, GUANSHENG™ provides expert heat treating services and great customer

 satisfaction and has successfully outstood as a reliable company in supplying heat treating equipment and accessories, both home and abroad.

 We offer a wide variety of products and services for heat treating industry, each specifically developed to meet the complex needs of our clients. 

You can take a tour on our website and let us know the items you are interested. We are ready at your service to save you anywhere in the world.

  Safety & Quality Principle

              GUANSHENG practices total quality management techniques while working with its customers, as a team to ensure a quality product. Our goal is 

to provide a high quality heat treatment services to our clients and serve them in a cooperative and professional manner


Industry We Serve

Offshore/Onshore Oil and Gas Industries, Power Generating Stations, Refineries, Fabrication and Welding Shops, Ship Building and Repair,, Pulp & Paper Mills… e.t.c.



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