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Thermocouple welding machine

Thermocouple attachment unit,Thermocouple welding machine

JJDH thermocouple electric welder is developed by famous domestic heat treatment temperature control manufacture. 

It is used for welding of technical grade B, C, E, J, K, R, S, T thermocouples, as well as suitable for users who use large

 amount of open interface thermocouple. The application scope include: commercial manufacturing, household electrical

 appliances, building, electronics, temperature measurement field, aviation, aerospace, metallurgical field, higher school, 

commodity inspection laboratory, pipe and sphere tank welding site. The welding thermocouple can also be used as auxiliary

 tool in heat treatment process of vessel, power station installation, boiler making, as well as the welding of other filamentous 

electronic element. Product performance is stable, operation technology is simple and easy to learn, easy to carry, can effectively 

improve the measurement accuracy and work efficiency.

 Product specification

Body size: 270mm*260mm*120mm

Weight: 3kg

Welding energy: 0-60J

Welding ability: 0.2mm-2.0mm

Input voltage100-240V

Use of thermocouple spot welding machine.jpg

instruction for thermocouple welding machine.jpg

 Packing list

JJDH Thermocouple Electric Welder            1 suit

Hawkbill, magnetic ground(include line)        1 suit

Protective glasses             1 pair

special-purpose smart charger                    1 set

special-purpose braces                               1 suit

Certificate of qualification        1 piece



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